Chemtex Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC)

Poly Aluminium Chloride uses as primary coagulant for treatment of waste water, sewage, industrial effluents and is also a well established paper processing aid.

What is Polyaluminium chloride?

Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC) is a highly charged aluminium based polymerized coagulant of aluminum ions and colloidal particles in water with huge efficiency and power in bridging flocculation function. It is an effective water purifier used in the purification of table water, industry water, industry circulation water and wasted and polluted water from pharmacy industry, paper making industry and printing and dying industry, as well as life wasted water.

PAC applications

  • Water treatment - The poly aluminium chloride (PAC) is used for settling of solid particles present into drinkable waters and for the flocculation of civil and industrial effluents. It has also a high antibactericide effect, due to the presence of chlorine into the product formula, and can be utilized for large range of pH and with higher turbidity.
  • Paper manufacturing - The main features of PAC are its high Al2O3 content and polymeric nature, which give rise to products of hydrolysis characterized by a high molecular weight and a large number of positive electric charges able to interact with the cellulose fibers and size, optimizing the sizing phase and the retention of fibers.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Reduces polyelectrolyte requirement
  • Removes heavy metals and radioactive substances to water pollution
  • No added alkaline additives
  • Suitable at a wide pH value
  • Quick hydrolysis
  • Strong absorptive

Application Areas

  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Treatment (High Basicity)
  • Separation of slurry in Industrial processes
  • Paper Sizing in Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Dye Decontamination in Textile Industries
  • Sewage Water Treatment

Product Variants

PAC Powder

CAS No. 1327-41-9; Conforming to IS 15573: 2005 Standards

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PAC Liquid

PAC Aqueous Solution; CAS No. 1327-41-9; Conforming to IS 15573:2014

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