Polyamine based flocculants are synthesized for colour removal, turbidity, and organic compounds from dye wastewater. Polyamine based flocculants work better than alum alone. The effects of polyamine flocculant, concentration, types, and pH on the removal efficiency of coloured materials were investigated.

Polyamine flocculants are highly efficient in the removal of color and turbidity from dye wastewater. Compared with alum alone treatment, an addition of 25 mg/L of polyamine could reduce alum dosage by more than 50% and improve the colour and turbidity removal efficiency. Highly efficient colour removal was obtained by adding polyamine as a flocculant at widely different pH ranges. Results indicate that the use of polyamine flocculant is cost effective in dye wastewater treatment because it minimizes the amount of sludge produced as the dosage of inorganic coagulant is highly reduced.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Use of polyamine flocculants in combination with PAC improved removal efficiency of turbidity
  • PAC/ Polyamine combination was effective in reducing PAC dosage, lowering residual aluminum ion concentration in the treated water and improving turbidity removal

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