Hotels and Resorts are the most important sector in Tourism Industry. In fact it wont be a wrong thing to say that maximum revenue generated by tourism industry is through Hotels and Resorts. Maximum revenue signifies maximum people opt to stay in hotels or resorts when they go out of city on official or recreational tour. Hotels are the places where people get accommodation facilities with basic requirements like food, electricity, bathrooms etc. Its like being in their own home by not being in their own home.

Maintaining Cleanliness is a prime objective for hotels and resorts. People prefer or expect clean and fresh environment specially in hotels. There are wide range of chemicals and disinfectants available like floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, Housekeeping chemicals and many more which ensures clean and fresh environment for the tourists. This will increase the popularity of the hotel and more popularity will generate more publicity which will naturally generate more revenue for the tourism industry.

Cleaning & Hygiene

The choice of cleaner or disinfectant, use concentration and exposure time is based on the degree and type of soil along with the risk of infection associated.

Institutional Cleaning Concentrates

Chemical cleaners for room and fabric care for institutional, household and commercial use are available as ready-to-use

Wastewater Management

Effluent or Industrial wastewater treatment consists of mechanisms and processes which are used to treat water that have been

RO Chemicals

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals (RO chemicals) are required to improve the performance of reverse osmosis system’s membranes

Cooling Tower Chemicals

Cooling Towers are basically heat rejection systems whose primary work is to transfer heat to the atmosphere by cooling the water

Boiler Water Treatment

Boiler Water Treatment, a type of industrial water treatment is required to remove substances that has the tendency

HVAC & Refrigeration

HVACnR system require heavy-duty heat transfer fluids and maintenance chemicals to maintain peak performance and safe operation.