Ammonia Odor Control

Ammonia Odor Locking Chemical is produced using natural non-toxic minerals with crystals which resemble a honeycomb or a zeolite molecule. With its unoccupied space, it can absorb many times its own weight with odorous molecules from bird litter. Repeated introduction to ammonia gases from urine can influence the respiratory wellbeing and performance of humans. This exceptionally permeable, regular mineral absorbs double the ammonia and moisture than the similar products.

They also contain amino hydroxyl groups which ionize sulphides and thiol radicals to form hydroxyl sulphides. The hydroxyl sulphides are converted in the presence of oxygen to amino sulphate. The sulphate group then separates ionically into a sulphate ion and another amino group which is free to react with another sulphide or mercaptan. Thus, a small amount of Odour Locking Chemical can impact large amounts of sulphides and mercaptans. Odour Locking Chemicals also contain a proprietary acid which reacts with ammonia and amines to convert them to harmless salts. They are highly reactive toward many odorous compounds.

Furthermore, Ammonia Odor Locking Chemical expels scent from the pens, bedding and essentially enhancing the general environment for everyone. Subsequently, the bird flock stays dryer and cleaner, without getting dried out or irritation to the birds. It has been field tried and demonstrated in some strenuous situations. It makes a cleaner and fresher environment for the flock.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Adsorbs ammonium (NH4+)
  • Promotes clean environment
  • Controls fly populations
  • Removes excess bacterial products from the air
  • Improved working environment for staff
  • Reduces stress on animals
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • 100% natural and organic

Brand Names


Ammonia Odor Locking Agent for Bird Litter

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