Cold storage are large spaces that can store goods in a favorable condition so that the goods does not get spoiled and can be preserved for future use. Products that can be stored in a cold storage are fruit, vegetables, sea-food and meat. Cold Stores are often nearer to places from where import/export of goods happen.

Cold storage play a vital role in today's time to meet the increasing demand of various goods which may not be available throughout the year. Since these items have to be stored for a longer period of time, it is mandatory that proper conditions be provided for storage like clean and cool environment. Therefore refrigeration chemicals, AC chemicals, cleaners and disinfectants find most of its application in cold storage that ensures suitable conditions for storage.

Institutional Cleaning Concentrates

Chemical cleaners for room and fabric care for institutional, household and commercial use are available as ready-to-use

HVAC & Refrigeration

HVACnR system require heavy-duty heat transfer fluids and maintenance chemicals to maintain peak performance and safe operation.

Cooling Tower Chemicals

Cooling Towers are basically heat rejection systems whose primary work is to transfer heat to the atmosphere by cooling the water