A dairy is a business establishment which looks after the harvesting or processing of animal milk for human consumption. Ice cream is a sweet frozen dessert type food chemically manufactured from milk or cream, flavored with sweeteners and syrups. These dairy items like milk, butter, curd, sweets have found popularity as daily-use products for domestic purposes. Since the maximum users of these products are household users, clean and fresh product is always demanded. To keep them so, various chemicals like Cleaners, housekeeping chemicals , refrigeration chemicals and many more utility chemicals are used by these industries on their machines and respective equipment to produce the desirable products free of germs and impurities.

CIP Chemicals

Cleaning in place or CIP Chemicals include the use of cleaners, disinfectants and other additives for enhancing

Institutional Cleaning Concentrates

Chemical cleaners for room and fabric care for institutional, household and commercial use are available as ready-to-use

Sterilants & Disinfectants

Disinfectants form a multi-barrier strategy to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) or nosocomial infections. It includes

HVAC & Refrigeration

HVACnR system require heavy-duty heat transfer fluids and maintenance chemicals to maintain peak performance and safe operation.

Cooling Tower Chemicals

Cooling Towers are basically heat rejection systems whose primary work is to transfer heat to the atmosphere by cooling the water

Boiler Water Treatment

Boiler Water Treatment is required for removal of substances of toxic nature to the system. Boiler Water Treatment is needed to

Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment such as derusting, rust prevention, degreasing are the part of maintenance programs that are aimed to keep