The mechanism by which raw food materials or items changes into eatable food products is known as food processing. Food processing plants buy raw items from farmers or farm owners and process them through various technologies into different types of food items for market sale.
Similarly for Juice processing, it is a way by which raw fruits through various technologies changes to fresh fruit juices. Some of them are natural whereas some of them are made with added flavours or sugar syrups.
Various utility chemicals like cleaning chemicals, Housekeeping chemicals, disinfectants can be used in food and juice processing plants for clean and fresh packaging of food items.

Cleaning & Hygiene

The choice of cleaner or disinfectant, use concentration and exposure time is based on the degree and type of soil along with the risk of infection associated.

Institutional Cleaning Concentrates

Chemical cleaners for room and fabric care for institutional, household and commercial use are available as ready-to-use

HVAC & Refrigeration

HVACnR system require heavy-duty heat transfer fluids and maintenance chemicals to maintain peak performance and safe operation.

Boiler Water Treatment

Boiler Water Treatment, a type of industrial water treatment is required to remove substances that has the tendency

RO Chemicals

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals (RO chemicals) are required to improve the performance of reverse osmosis system’s membranes