Acidic Coil Cleaning Chemical

Acidic coil cleaning chemical are used for removing corrosion by-products and scale build-up. Often used on condenser coils, this unique formulation is a coil cleaning and brightening agent and is useful for cleaning and removing dirt, grease, scales and rust deposits. It is an excellent metal brightener for aluminum, steel and mild steel, leaving the coil shining bright. Based on organic and inorganic acid mixtures, safe to use on aluminium, SS and other soft / hard metals.

Common uses of acidic coil cleaning chemical include F&B, breweries, hospital and dairy industry for cleaning of organic, inorganic soils and scale deposits commonly found in equipment, bright beer tanks, road tankers, water tanks, plate type heat exchangers, milk containers or vessels, aluminum fins and AHU coils etc.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cleans difficult-to-reach areas
  • Brightens after use
  • Enhances efficiency of coiling unit
  • Promotes energy savings
  • Cost effective
  • Lesser maintenance costs

Brand Names


Concentrated Coil Cleaner & Brightener

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