Air conditioners plays an important role in maintaining clean, fresh and healthy air inside closed doors, without compromising on IAQ or Indoor Air Quality. For air conditioners to perform optimally, cleaning of the coils, fins, pathways is necessary to ensure clean air for an extended period of time.

Air conditioning chemicals have a high penetration ability which enables the chemical to reach even the most inaccessible areas of air conditioner. It clears dirt and dust trapped inside the air conditioner which results in improved cooling power in addition to reduced electric power wastage. These chemicals also have an anti-bacterial property that promotes cleaner and fresher air, improving overall air quality. These chemicals are suitable for use on all types of air-conditioners.

Key Features and Benefits

• Cleans accumulated dust and dirt effectively
• Improves the quality of air in the house
• Improves the performance of your Air-Conditioner Units
• Saves electric power
• Does not contain harsh chemicals
• Simple to use and does not require rinsing
• Saves on Air-Conditioner coils and Fins


Acidic Coil Cleaner

Acid-based coil cleaners are very effective and will remove any material from coils — including the metal on the coils if you are not careful. While proving effective as a coil cleaner, the acid-based products come with a few hazards.Acids produce vapors that carry a strong acid smell which, in the right concentrations

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Non Acidic Coil Cleaner

Alkaline-based coil cleaners are also very effective, fairly safe, and offer excellent cleaning results in most all conditions, on both condenser and evaporator coils. These cleaners usually produce a mild odor, if any, while effectively removing foreign materials from the surface

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Non Foaming Coil Cleaner

 A non- foaming cleaner are the best industrial degreaser. They are formulated for high jet spray cleaning to use with high jet spray machines very effectively without generating any foam at all. It is safe for use on all metals and non-metals and requires no extra steps for most

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Refrigerant Flushing Solvent

From time to time, air conditioning systems suffer failures that result in contamination. The most common such failure is a compressor burnout. When that happens, the AC or refrigeration system becomes contaminated with large quantities of particulates, sludge,

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