Agriculture is the largest contributor to GDP. Growth of population at an increasing rate is leading to shortage of almost all natural resources including land. The availability of land for food production is reducing, building up the pressure on farmers to grow maximize the amount of crops from their land, while ensuring that its quality and consistency is maintained that meets global standards. To meet these increasing demands, various technologies enhanced agro chemical products are available that are more effective, reliable and consistent. Agro chemicals support agricultural industry, boosting agriculture, while preventing, reducing and eliminating the impact of disasters to increase food output and safety. Agro chemicals are multi-functional and biodegradable products, with minimal to no toxic harmful residues.

Soil Sterilization

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Agriculture Disinfectant

Silver Hydrogen Based agriculture disinfectant is a synergy of hydrogen peroxide stabilized with Nano silver irons, in presence of a catalyst, for use as a multipurpose and highly effective biocide. It is stabilized to prevent quick oxidation and degradation

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Soil Fumigant

Soil fumigants are pesticides that, when applied to soil, form a gas to control pests that live in the soil and can disrupt plant growth and crop production. Soil fumigants are used on many high value crops

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Growth Promoter

Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture

Super Absorbent Polymers used in agriculture are mostly prepared from acrylic acids and a cross-linking agent like potassium by solution or suspension polymerization. The polymer so formed

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Agricultural Spray Adjuvant

Agricultural spray adjuvants are used to enhance the effectiveness of pesticides such as herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other agents that control or eliminate unwanted pests. As with medical adjuvants, agricultural

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Veterinary Chemicals

QAC based Disinfectant

The quaternary ammonium compounds are a family of antimicrobial compounds considered as potent in its disinfectant activity cationic actives, since they are active to eliminate gram positive and gram negative bacteria, although the latter to a lesser extent. They are bactericidal

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Benzalkonium Chloride

Benzalkonium Chloride is primarily used as a preservative and antimicrobial agent, and secondarily used as a surfactant. It works by killing microorganisms and inhibiting their future growth

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Peracetic Acid based Poultry Disinfectant

The breeding and rearing of livestock is essential to meet world requirements for food. Disinfectants are extensively used to control and minimize diseases affecting animals. Peracetic Acid offers our customers one of the best active ingredients

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Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Poultry Disinfectant

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide addresses the concerned areas of poultry sheds when used accordingly for the respective media. The no-rinse, no-neutralization property

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Ammonia Odour Control

Odour Control Chemical contains simple sugar molecules which resemble a honeycomb or a zeolite molecule. Due to its unoccupied space, it can absorb many times its own weight in odorous molecules. It also contains amino hydroxyl groups which ionize sulfide

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