Automotive Cleaning Chemicals comprises up of Radiator Cleaner (Internal and External), AC Flush, Windshield Washer Fluid etc. It is specially designed to be used as industrial Coolant, antifreeze agent. The inhibitor package is specifically designed for the protection of copper, solder, brass, cast iron, steel, aluminum alloys and other components such as gaskets, rubber seals, rubber hoses, plastic components etc., that are commonly found in the cooling and heating systems and in engine and radiator.

It helps to reduce viscosity, is fuel saving, have reduced fan usage, is non-toxicity, have high thermal capacity and is chemically inert. This range of product is idyllically utilized in machines, automobiles, HVAC and various other industrial processing. This range of product can be used to inhibit the cooling system with added protection against corrosion and other damage. It also serves as a superior blend of cleaning chemicals for removing scale, dirt deposits, rust, oil and greasy deposits and contaminants from the engine, radiator and cooling system internals while the system is in operation which otherwise severely affect the heat transferability of the system and may lead to engine seizure due to overheating. It is a fluid for motor vehicles used for the purpose of cleaning the windshield with the windshield wiper while the vehicle is being driven.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Cuts through the dirt, grease, oil which otherwise severely affect the heat transferability
  • Provides protection to copper, solder, brass, cast iron, steel, aluminum alloys and other components
  • Reduces fan usage
  • High thermal capacity and chemically inert


Car Shampoo

Vehicles encounters various cleaning detergents as well as high foaming shampoos. These neutral or low-pH chemicals have a high lubricity that lifts and holds soils until they are rinsed off, and they

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Windshield Washer Fluid

Chemtex manufactured windscreen washer fluid concentrate serves both a cleaner and anti-deposition additive. It greatly improves visibility in poor weather conditions. As a cleaner, windshield washer fluids clear out debris and films on windshields and allowing addition of tap water instead of soft/DM water

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Radiator Flush Chemical

Radiator flush chemical is generally a concentrate specially developed for cooling systems in general but particularly those in motor vehicles. It dissolves contaminants containing lime and oil in radiators,

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