Chemtex Fabric Chemicals

Fabric Care Chemicals caters to the laundries or OPL's of household and various other industries. Cloth washing not only signifies the removal of dirt and smell, but also the eradication of various pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and other communicable and non-communicable germs.

Fabric Care Chemicals cater to:

  • Detergent: Similar to soaps but is more soluble in water with good cleaning properties.
  • Bleach: Employed in domestic or industrial units mainly to remove stains. Almost all bleaches have bactericidal properties and can work as a good sanitizing agent and disinfectant
  • Softener: These are required to smoothen the fabrics, making them soft and silky, and preventing the formation of electrical charges synthetic fiber surfaces

Laundry Range

CX Universal-N

Liquid Detergent with Brightener 

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CX Hypo

Liquid Bleach And Stain Remover

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CX Build

Alkalinity Builder And Stabilizer

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Neutralizer And Bleach

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CX Soft

Concentrated Fabric Softener

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CX Boost

Detergency Booster

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Alsta Perc

Perchloroethylene Based Dry Cleaning Solvent

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BioBubble FabriCOAT

Antimicrobial Fabric Conditioner lasting up to 20 washes

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