Silvox: Prime Blend of Hydrogen Peroxide, Nano Silver for Soil Treatment

Alstasan Silvox is a Silver Hydrogen Peroxide and Nano Silver based solution for comprehensive agricultural disinfection. It is designed to combat soil pathogens and ensure agricultural disinfection, Alstasan Silvox emerges as a multi-purpose, highly effective biocide for both soil and water.

This advanced solution boasts several key features, making it a preferred choice for modern sustainable farming practices. Alstasan Silvox is odorless, colorless, and non-toxic, providing a safe and eco-friendly alternative for soil treatment. It is biodegradable and does not emit any harmful impact (fume either during applicable or thereafter).

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The Roles of Using Silver In Alstasan Silvox

Oligo-Dynamic Function

Silver exhibits an oligo-dynamic effect or toxicity on bacterial cells, even at relatively low concentrations. Through binding to reactive groups, silver ions denature enzymes within the target cell or organism, leading to their precipitation and subsequent inactivation. The inactivation of enzymes occurs as silver reacts with thiol groups, forming silver sulfides.

Stabilizer function

Hydrogen Peroxide is not stable which means that it decomposes to oxygen and water. To solve this problem silver is added to hydrogen peroxide as stabilizer. This stabilizer prevents the slow decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide. The Ag (2+) ions keep O (2-) ions.

Activator Function

Silver functions as an activator with a unique characteristic—it only activates peroxide when exposed to biofouling. Upon contact with microbes, silver loses its stabilizing function and triggers the release of nascent oxygen, oxidizing the exposed microbes. Once all bacteria have been oxidized by the generated active oxygen compounds, silver then acts as a stabilizer for the remaining non-reacted oxygen.


    • Saves time, energy and manpower and improves crop economics
    • Media fumigation can be done even only four hours before plantation
    • Stable over a wide pH and temperature range
    • Does not release toxic fumes and harmful gases
    • Does not require water rinsing after disinfection
    • Soil does not need to be covered with plastic unlike formalin method
    • Safe and nontoxic to humans
    • Non Carcinogenic, Non Mutagenic
    • Minimizes the use of harmful fungicides, pesticides, and bactericides
    • Can be used for regular treatment by drip, foliar sprays, and drenching methods

Utilization Sectors

  • Open Field Cultivation
  • Protective cultivation
  • Animal husbandry
  • Aquaculture
  • Floriculture
  • Coco Peat/ Soil less Media

Soil/ Growing Media

    • Destroys all fungi, bacteria, viruses and pest populations in soil or media
    • Kills even eggs and larval stage of insects-pests
    • Eco-friendly and biodegradable, breaking down to water and oxygen
    • Improves soil/ media porosity & life
    • Adds more oxygen
    • Improves water uptake capacity and capillary action
    • Does not leave behind toxic residues
    • Prevents and treats nematode infestations


    • Increases plant establishment and reduces initial plant mortality
    • Hastens seed germination and enhance crop growth by boosting fresh root formation
    • Works as a crop activator which enables it to fight against diseases
    • Denaturation of DNA helps against resistance development
    • Increases both production and marketable yield
    • Silver has an anti-senescence property which prevents ageing of fruits and vegetables
    • Helps in Ethylene inhibition
    • Does not produce any phyto-toxic effect
    • Does not cause spotting on flowers and affect taste of fruits and vegetables
    • Improves lustre of the produce along with extension of shelf-life

Physicochemical Data

Properties Typical Value
Form Clear liquid
Appearance Colourless
Odour Odourless
Solubility Completely soluble with water

Comparative Study

Particulars Formalin ALSTASAN SILVOX
Composition 40% formaldehyde solution Hydrogen peroxide with silver nanoparticles
Attributes Bactericide, fungicide, virucide Bactericide, fungicide, virucide,
miticide, parasiticide
Inactive on Amoebae, protozoa, biofilms None
Odour Pungent None
Toxicity 800 – 1700mg/kg body weight
WHO Class II (Moderately hazardous)
5000mg/kg body weight
WHO Class III (Slightly hazardous)
Flushing with water Yes.
Around 100L/ sq.m for draining traces
Minimal to none
Time between fumigation and plantation 3 weeks minimum with plastic cover 4 – 6 hours

Brand Names

Alstasan Silvox Agro

Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Agricultural Disinfectant

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