Car Shampoo

Car Shampoo is an exterior washing agent of a vehicle incorporated with a self-drying effect. Its special formulation of anionic surfactants, emulsifiers, and viscosifiers, in neutral pH ensures a delicate wash, for any paint or colour.

After rinsing, its self-drying properties leave a water repellent coating on the surface that makes up for short drying time preventing smudges. The use of this product with high rinsing allows to reduce the rinsing time and allows a significant saving of water.

When worked with water, it creates a thick foam that excellently washes every surface, effectively removing dirt and stains. It also provides super gloss effect and excellently removes organic matter. It disallows
dust to settle on smooth surfaces, imparts shiny showrrom feel after every wash, and keeps the paint intact with a protective coat on the surface. It prevents the paint from fading too soon.

Key Features and Benefits

  • pH balanced
  • Anti-Static Property disallows dust to settle
  • Non Corrosive
  • Easy Rinse off
  • Does not form spots with hard water
  • Foam Rich Formulation
  • Removes Tough Dirt & Road Grime
  • Safe on Paint, Fabrics, Rubber, Plastic, Glass
  • Does not affect the Polish/ Wax
  • Can be used with both Hard and Soft Water
  • Skin friendly, does not cause itching or dryness

Brand Names


Liquid Car Washing Shampoo (External) - Lemon Fragrance

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