Low pH CIP Cleaning

Acidic CIP cleaners, for use in F&B, breweries, pharma and dairy industry for CIP cleaning of organic, inorganic soils and scale deposits commonly found in equipment, bright beer tanks, bottle-washing, road tankers, PHEs (plate type heat exchangers), cold milk surfaces and bottle / dish rinsing aid for metal shining and alkali neutralization.

Chemtex CIP Cleaner - Acidic

Chemtex CIP cleaner is a versatile cleaning-in-place acidic solution that finds application for removal of mineral scale and protein residue build-up on stainless steel surfaces. It comprises of an aqueous blend of acids with surface active agents.

Acidic CIP Cleaner is particularly suited for manual cleaning in the food, agricultural, dairying, soft drinks and brewing industries. Finds most use in the cleaning of trays, cooking pots, utensils etc., which may be placed in a soak tank and will then usually only require final rinsing to remove all evidence of scaling.

Can be used in a wide range of applications and is suitable for use on stainless steel and ferrous material. Added with surfactants, defoamer and suitable food grade inhibitors to prevent acid attack on metallurgy.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Low foaming nature at normal working temperatures
  • Improved cleaning performance under pressure and turbulence
  • Effective at removing most inorganic scale deposits
  • Improves operational efficiency of equipment
  • Enhanced cleaning performance
  • Inhibited against metal attacks
  • Extends life of equipment and items cleaned
low pH cip cleaning - chemtex

Brand Names

Alstaclean CP Series