High pH CIP Cleaning

High pH CIP (Cleaning in Place) is a cleaning process that employs alkaline solutions with a high pH level. It effectively removes stubborn deposits, such as proteinaceous, oil, and fat residues, from processing equipment and surfaces in industries like dairy, food, and beverage. Alkaline Cleaner in Place serves as a versatile, low-foaming cleaner designed for OPC (open plant cleaning) through spray applications. It is particularly effective for tasks like crates washing, mineral water jars cleaning, and maintaining cleanliness on surfaces such as floors, walls, and tables in the dairy, food, and beverage industry. Alkaline CIP Cleaner is a highly concentrated blend of alkaline cleaner with wetting agents and water scale removers, that make it a single-stage heavy-duty degreasing cleaner.


Chemtex CIP Alkaline Cleaner

Alkaline CIP Cleaners are used in pharma, biotech, cosmetic, nutraceutical and other industries requiring effective, provable cleaning. The equipment on which they are applied on majorly are, blenders, reactors, tableting presses, ultrasonic washing, laboratory glassware and ultrasonic washing.

Chemtex Alkaline CIP Cleaner is a low-foaming caustic-based cleaner specially, that is suited for use in hard water areas. It is a versatile CIP (Clean-In-Place) cleaner that finds application for cleaning out vessels, tanks, and pipelines in the food, dairying, agricultural, soft drinks and brewing sectors and may also be used in automated spray-wash equipment. It comprises of an aqueous blend of hydroxides, surface-active agents and sequestrants.

CIP Cleaner alkaline is low-foaming and also has the ability to de-foam; often foam is produced by the presence of proteins, fats, and dairy  products in the soiling and this can have serious negative effects on the efficiency of the cleaning process.

Key Attributes and Benefits of High pH CIP cleaner

  • Effective cleaning at low dosages
  • Non-foaming nature aids in CIP applications
  • Assists in removal of rust rings, aluminium and label removal from bottle washing
  • Does not block the spray nozzles unlike washing soda deposits
  • Multi area application
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Safe on mild steel, stainless steel, copper, rubber, fiber glass and other common components
  • Scale inhibited for preventing water hardness spots on vessel, bottle and jars
  • Suitable for automatic dosing and automatic bottle washing process CIP
  • Removes grease, oil stains and foul odor from bottles and jars

Brand Names

Alstaclean CP Series