Dish Wash

Dish Wash is used for cleaning all types of kitchenware and cooking utensils. It deeply cleans an entire sink full of dirty utensils while exhibiting excellent performance. Removes leftovers, food stains, grease and other hard-to-remove deposits with ease, ensuring sparkling clean dishes. Suitable for use on all commonly used ceramic kitchen dishes, non-stick cookware, utensils.

Unlike bars, it does not leave any residues behind. This formulation can be easily diluted with water that not only protects your utensils, but also economical. Safe for use on hands compared to other dishwashing chemicals. This unique formulation is easily compatible with hard water and removes harmful pathogens with its refreshing fragrance. It ensures fast, easy application and works on a wide variety of tough food stains like garlic, onion, eggs, chicken curry, fish, etc.

Brand Names

CX Dish Wash

Dishwashing Liquid for Manual Cleaning - 5L Jar

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CX Dish Care

Automatic Dishwasher Liquid

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CX Dish Quick

Automatic Dishwashing Rinse Aid

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