Glass Cleaner

Household Glass Cleaners allow consumers to make their homes sparkle and shine with a simple spray and a swipe of a cloth. Although household glass cleaners use different ingredients from brand to brand, most manufacturers use three main ingredients in glass cleaners viz. Isopropyl alcohol, Mon ethanolamine and Glycol. These chemicals offer effective cleaning of any kind of glass surfaces and mirror. The chemicals help in the rapid removal of oily soils and finger marks and leaves the surface clean and streak-free in one action.

Key Features and Benefits

  • For cleaning of all type of glass and mirrors
  • Rapid action leaves the surface clean and streak-free
  • Contains pleasant & refreshing fragrance
  • Easy to make, Diluted with water and used as an instant spray
  • Rapid removal of oil, grease and soiling
  • Even removes finger marks
  • Leaves a shining surface after use

Brand Names


Non Ammoniated Glass Cleaner Concentrate - 5L Jar

Blue Colour

Menthol Fragrance

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Ready-To-Use Glass & Window Cleaner

Blue Colour

Floral Fragrance

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