Copper Coil and Tube Descalant

The Coil Cleaner is suitably utilized for cleaning metallic coils and fins by impeccably removing dirt, greasy-oily soils and grime. Out formulations are processed from brightening and cleaning agents to ensure complete cleaning of the coils with superior penetration efficiency into the metallic product. It effectively cuts the organic deposition on the material and disinfects the system fully. The product which we cater under Coil Cleaner are Alkaline Coil Cleaner, Acid Coil Cleaner, Coil Cleaning Chemical, Moisture Flush out Chemical etc. The coil cleaners are available with self-foaming efficiency, non-toxic, safe to clean and precise pH value with provision of shining surface to coil.

Key Features and Benefits

• Non-toxic for surface clean up
• Inhibited to prevent corrosion
• Excellent cleaning, degreasing, descaling characteristics for medium duty cleaning
• Organic - TCF (Totally Chlorine Free)
• Can be diluted with hard water

Brand Names

Alstascale DS

Cu-tube descaling chemical

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