Non-Foaming Cleaner

Non-foaming cleaners are formulated for cleaning applications using high jet spray machines without generating negligible to nil foam. It is safe to use on all metals and non-metals, and requires no extra steps for most applications. These non foaming cleaners are best used in a cleaning applications where most powerful cleaning action is required for different types of metals to be cleaned in the same parts washer.

Generally of alkaline nature and used in manual, ultrasonic, high jet spray washing, immersion and many other machine cleaning applications. These no-foam cleaner is a safe-handling detergent that can be used for non-corrosive cleaning.

Key Features and Benefits

  • No soapy and slippery residues
  • No rapid soil re-disposition
  • Maximum pore penetration removes embedded soils
  • Safe on concrete, tile, grout, epoxy, brick, plastic, ferrous, and non-ferrous surfaces
  • Non foaming chemistry prevents pump and filter damage

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Non-Foaming Industrial Cleaner

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