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Chemtex manufactures phosphating chemicals for use as a pre-treatment method with corrosion protection properties. This imbibes a layer of phosphate coating  with iron, zinc or manganese crystals  typically, and usually applied to carbon steel, low-alloy steel and cast iron.

Phosphating coatings are applied to Steel, Cast iron and Aluminum-alloys to increase their corrosion resistance, anti-friction properties (break-in, wear resistance, ant-galling, coefficient of friction) and also provide strong adhesion bonding for subsequent painting or other organic coating. These phosphating chemicals have been found utilized as rust resistant in various chemical and refinery industries.

The Main Stages of Phosphating Process

  • Cleaning, done mechanically in an alkaline solution
  • Hot water rinsing
  • Pickling (acid cleaning) with acid activation (if necessary)
  • Water rinsing
  • Phosphating by immersion or spraying method, for a range 2 - 40 minutes
  • Water rinsing
  • Drying

Characteristics of phosphating include:

  • Pale to dark grey manganese, zinc or zinc/calcium phosphate layer consisting of secondary and tertiary manganese, zinc or zinc/calcium phosphates.
  • Securely anchored on the base metal
  • Fine-crystalline to coarse-crystalline appearance (according to process)
  • The additional layer (3–20 micrometers) – must be taken into account for fitting parts.
  • Thanks to the existence of many capillaries in the layer, corrosion protection oils and lacquers are very well absorbed, providing very good corrosion protection.
  • Phosphate layers are electrically non-conductive, i.e. their insulating resistance is relatively high.
  • Damaged layers are hardly penetrated by rust.

Chemtex Phosphating Chemicals
Key Features

  • Single Component; 3 in 1 Phosphating Chemical
  • Extends life of metals, and paint quality
  • Prevents metal corrosion and removes corrosion products
  • Economical & environmental friendly
  • Well effective at room temperature
phosphating chemicals manufacturer - chemtex

Brand Names

Alstadine Series

3 in 1 Metal Treatment Chemical for De-rusting, Degreasing, Iron Phosphating

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