Phosphating Chemicals

Phosphating Chemicals is mostly used as a pre-treatment method in conjunction with corrosion protection to imbibe a layer of phosphate, coating typically includes iron, zinc or manganese crystals and these coatings are usually applied to carbon steel, low-alloy steel and cast iron. Phosphating coatings are applied to steels, cast irons and aluminum alloys in order to increase their corrosion resistance, improve the anti-friction properties (break-in, wear resistance, ant-galling, coefficient of friction) and provide strong adhesion bonding for subsequent painting or other organic coating.

These phosphating chemicals have been found utilized as rust resistant in various chemical and refinery industries.

Main stages of phosphating process

  • Cleaning, done mechanically in an alkaline solution
  • Hot water rinsing
  • Pickling (acid cleaning)
  • Acid activation (if necessary)
  • Water rinsing
  • Phosphating by immersion or spraying method, for a range 2-40 minutes
  • Water rinsing
  • Drying

Key Features and Benefits

  • Extends life of metal
  • Economical & environmental friendly
  • Prevents metal corrosion and removes corrosion products
  • Single Component, ready-to-use liquid
  • Improves quality of painting
  • Well effective at room temperature

Product Variants


3 in 1 Metal Treatment Chemical for 
De-rusting, Degreasing, Iron Phosphating

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3 in 1 Metal Treatment Chemical for 
De-rusting, Degreasing, Iron Phosphating

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Handling Measures
and Precautions

Proper human safety products such as splash goggles, lab coat, vapour respirator, NIOSH approved gloves and boots should be worn while handling and applying chemicals. Splashes on the skin should be washed off with water immediately. In case of splashing into the eyes, flush them with fresh water and obtain medical attention. Should not be injected.


Should be stored in original vented containers, away from heat, direct sunlight and combustibles. Store in a cool and dry place. Please refer label and SDS for details.