Corrosion Inhibitors for Refinery Units are added to various stages of heat transfer units, pre-exchanger stream to prevent corrosion, or lower the rate of corrosion caused due to non-biological fouling, so that the processing equipment have a considerable service lifetime. These inhibitors are organic and film forming, that passivates the metallic structure and does not allow corrosive agents to undergo reaction with metal ions.

Units in crude oil refineries mostly affected by corrosion are Vacuum Crude Distillation, Fluid Catalytic Cracking, Hydro-Processing, Catalytic Reforming, Amine Regenerators and Sour Strippers, either due to non-biological contaminants and post process residues units. 

Key Features and Benefits

• Designed with all organic chemicals
• Complete single treatment for prevention of non-biological fouling
• Excellent corrosion inhibition for all metals
• Can retain higher levels of hardness in the water & holds blow down to a minimum
• Keeps heat transfer surfaces clean and permits maximum heat exchange efficiency
• Excellent control of calcium phosphate sludge and iron fouling

Brand Names

CHEMTEX 4110 Series