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The upstream or the first stage in the petrochemical industry refers to the exploration and production of natural gas and crude oil. The comprehensive application of Upstream Chemicals are in  'Exploration', 'Development' and 'Production', the three main components of upstream operations.

  • 'Exploration and Development' is finding of "Oil & Gas Pool" and "How to get it out"
  • 'Production' seeing through complete extraction and transfer of crude to surface and storage.
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Components & Range of Upstream Chemicals

Upstream Exploration & Development

Upstream exploration involves the use of various methodologies and techniques to investigate or to assume potential well sites for crude extraction. The processes include the use of geo-mapping, surveying, soil sampling, coring, seismic imaging, and downhole logging which are complex, expensive, and require absolute precision for its conduction.

With reference to potential well sites, exploration can be categorized in two parts.

  • Onshore - Activities conducted on land away from water basin
  • Offshore - Activities conducted on under the sea / ocean bed

Chemtex brings its advanced expertise in laying down the speciality chemicals that meets and conforms almost all conditions and specifications of the well site. These chemical additives are categorically formulated to guarantee satisfactory rheological characteristics, suspension, fluid loss control, well bore cleaning and others.

Drilling and Mud Chemicals

Drilling Polymer

Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide based co-polymer for use as borehole stabilizer...

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Xanthan Gum

Premium quality hydrophilic bio-polymer, specifically formulated for use in drilling fluids to provide maximum solid suspension and hole cleaning...

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Water Shut Off PHPA

Anionic Polyelectrolyte based proprietary additive used for removal of excess or "bad" water during borehole application...

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Drilling Detergent

Use of Drilling Detergents reduces surface tension by increasing the wettability and emulsion power of drilling fluids...

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EOR Surfactant

Additive to reduce surface tension of drilling fluids through increase in their wettability and emulsion power...

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Oil and Water Soluble Defoamers for controlling excessive foam that surfaces up during crude extraction, improving...

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Drilling Bactericide

Uniquely formulated series of bactericide, effectively controls microbial induced corrosion and bio-fouling..

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EP Lubricant

High performance lubricant, for use to avoid wear and tear of drilling equipment at high temperature and pressure conditions...

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Upstream Well Stimulation Additives

Acid Corrosion Inhibitor

Acid Corrosion Inhibitors, incorporated with solvents and dispersants, prevents corrosive attack on metal components during acid cleaning or pickling...

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Acid Corrosion Inhibitor Intensifiers
Mutual Solvent

Additive used in oilfield and well stimulation applications, where higher degree of solubility is required in oi, water and acid based fluids, enhancing the rate of crude recovery...

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Iron Stabilizer

Iron control agent, for use in inhibiting deposition of iron hydroxide during acid molecules breakdown in well stimulation processes...

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Upstream Production

Post exploration and development, comes the production phase where pipings are installed, connecting the storage tank to crude reserve beneath the soil / water bed so as to extract the crude oil / gas.

During the flow of hydrocarbons to the storage, gases like carbon oxides, hydrogen sulphide, water vapor in fluid / vapor phase also comes out that not only contaminate the crude but also possess severe corrosive threats to the metallic structure. Chemtex's range of upstream production chemicals help in counteracting such attacks, assuring optimum protection to metal surface and monetary benefits.

Upstream Production Chemicals

Oil and Gas Corrosion Inhibitor

Oil and Gas Corrosion Inhibitor for extensive use in oilfield installations to prevent pitting corrosion and rust...

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Triazine H2S Scavenger

Hydrogen Sulphide Scavenger, for effective removal of highly corrosive H2S gas that comes out during crude extraction.. 

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Oxygen Scavenger

Catalyzed bisulphite based, prevents dissolved oxygen induced corrosion during water pump off in crude oil production...

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Oil Soluble Demulsifier

Oil Soluble Demulsifier for undissolved solid removal and rapid break up of water-oil emulsion layer...

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Wax Inhibitor

Wax Inhibitor for use in dispersing wax or paraffin crystals that lumps in crude pipelines..

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Flow Improver

Crude Flow Improver to maintain constant flow of the fluid at sub-zero conditions, reducing its pour point and viscosity..

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Pour Point Depressant

Pour Point Depressants (PPD) for limiting crystal size growth, modifying its physical and chemical attributes, ensuring proper flow at uneven conditions...

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Water Injection Chemicals

Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor

Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors inhibits oxidation reaction between metallic ions and corrosive agents during water injection and disposal system...

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Scale Inhibitor

For use in controlling and preventing deposition of scale forming compounds, maintaining optimum flow assurance even at high temperature operations...

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Specifically formulated to control aerobic slime formers and anaerobic bacteria that occurs during oilfield water injection and ...

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