Transportation & Storage

Midstream Operations, involves the transportation of crude oil to various refineries through various oil channels, pipelines, oil-tankers etc. Pipelines and other transport systems are required to transport crude oil from oilfields to refinery units where different petrochemical products are processed and sent to downstream sectors. Midstream involves huge installations of pipelines, transmission lines and machinery which also signifies the requirement of various utility chemicals for smooth processing of the same.

Pipeline Chemicals

Crude Line Corrosion Inhibitor

Crude Pipeline Corrosion Inhibitors gets adsorbed onto the metal surface, which leaves the hydrophobic group to form a water resistant organic film on the surface...

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Hydrotesting Corrosion Inhibitor

Hydrotesting Corrosion Inhibitor provides excellent protection from Corrosion in interior Metal Surface, Pipelines, Vessels, Boilers, Storage Tanks and other Industrial Equipment...

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Paraffin | Wax Inhibitor

Wax Inhibitors disperses the crystals formed in oil, removes wax deposits in pipelines and...

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Pipeline Cleaning

Pipeline Cleaning Chemicals, replaces the use of age old technology of mechanical cleaning...

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Crude Tank Farms

De-watering Agent

Dewatering chemicals are often used in conjunction with slurry and sludge treatment to facilitate drilling through mud in the petroleum drilling industry...

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Crude Tank Cleaning

Sludge breaker that is a water based concoction of light hydrocarbon solvent to soften and break down heavy oils, tar and asphalt sludge deposits which are found...

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