De-watering Agents based on Cationic, Anionic and Non-Ionic Polyelectrolytes, for use in solid-liquid separation, sludge de-watering, STP settling.

Before the crude gets transported to storage tank, water must be removed from the unrefined crude so as to avoid pitting corrosion and bacterial contamination. Use of De-watering additive in crude emulsion makes suspended solid /semi-solid colloidal group together into a cluster, easing out their separation out of drilling fluid.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Compatible over a wide range of pH and temperature
  • Enhance slurry rheological properties
  • Improves efficiency and achieves optimum solid capture
  • Easy to store; Cost effective method of application
  • Non-Toxic formulation
  • Ensures improved filter water quality
  • Mixes easily with minimum shear in fresh water

Product Variants



Should be stored in original vented containers, away from heat, direct sunlight and combustibles. Store in cool, dry well ventilated area in tightly closed, plainly labeled containers. Keep away from incompatible materials.