Bacterial contamination in oilfields is natural and reason varies right from intense environmental conditions to quality of drilling water and mud characteristics. Common variants that inhabit are Sulfate Reducing, Slime Forming, Fe-Oxidizing, and species arising on polymerization, resulting in MIC (Microbial Induced Corrosion), Bio-Fouling and Irregular Pitting which in turn puts excess production pressure, causes wear and tear of drilling equipment, adversely affecting maintenance cost and marginalizing profitability.

Chemtex's Drilling Bactericides on proper dosing, implicitly remove micro-organisms (aerobic, anaerobic, SRB) associated with production water that are prone to colonize oilfield equipment like extraction casings, gathering systems, pipelines, and refinery tanks.

Chemtex's Drilling Bactericides can also be used in conjunction with other treatment additives not only to eliminate bacteria but also nullify sour conditions, preventing scale deposition and pitting corrosion.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Broad Spectrum Coverage
  • Does not interfere with properties of crude
  • Compatible to be used with fresh and saline water mud
  • Good Dispersing ability
  • Dual Protection (Prevents MIC as well as Bio-Fouling)
  • Non-Foaming
  • Flexible on batch as well as continuous dosing
  • Water Soluble

Brand Names

CHEMTEX 5000 Series