Drilling Detergent

Maintenance and Support, these two aspects are most important for any oil well installation and that brings the inception of Drilling Detergents. Use of such detergents in oil wells does these three things at foremost.

  • Improves the thermal stability, fluid flowability, and solidarity of oil wells
  • Improvement in water flooding techniques
  • Optimum cleaning of pipelines (Source to Storage), ensuring increased oil recovery

Regular use of Chemtex's Drilling Detergent diminishes the surface strain of water-based muds and their adhesiveness of water delicate cuttings. It decreases bit balling, mud rings, erosion, force and expands entrance rate. Moreover, it allows proper settling of sand and lessens the burden of pump pressure. It may be directly fed or in conjunction with other upstream chemicals without affecting apiece. It improves water-wetting activity on all solids and decreases the staying inclination of responsive shale cuttings and may be well utilized as an emulsifier during drilling operation to further develop emulsification of oil and lessen the consistency of oil-polluted liquids.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Well suited to be used at all stages of drilling application
  • Does not interfere with properties of crude
  • Compatible to be used with fresh and saline water mud
  • Minimizes the rate of drill bits balling
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Reduces Torque and Drag
  • Non- Corrosive to equipment

Brand Names


Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Surfactant

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