EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) Surfactant

Chemtex's EOR surfactant, anionic based, is for use in surfactant flooding during crude oil extraction. On application, it reduces the interfacial tension, between oil - water emulsion present in the crude reservoir with decrease in the wettability. This leads to a rise in surface pressure against the capillary force and movement of crude towards the extraction line.

The use concentration of surfactant is directly proportional to rate of increase in amount of crude extracted. A number of factors are responsible in surfactant based oil recovery like its ionic charge, functional group and hydrocarbon chain. The purity, however is not indicative to that extent but the functional group plays an important role in the structure of the adsorbed layers. For isomers, the adsorption rate is equivalent, and if with longer hydrocarbon chains, it has a much higher affinity for aggregation.

EOR Surfactant | Features and Benefits

  • Ensures additional recovery of crude from reservoirs
  • Surfactant used is compatible with longer hydrocarbon chain, helps in greater aggregation
  • Economically feasible
  • Does not alter crude properties
  • Compatible with fresh and sea-water mud
  • Minimizes drill bits balling
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Particularly effective in case of sandstone reservoir

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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Surfactant

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