Lubricant Additive For High Pressure, Temperature Conditions

Chemtex's specifically formulated extreme pressure lubricant, is for use in drilling equipment, to counteract the lubricating deficiency at high pressure and high temperature conditions. When the pressure between two operating metal surfaces rises, most of lubrication squeezes out and hence become difficult to operate.

The lubricant produces a surface layer with a shear strength lower than the metal surfaces, which enables it to form a protective coating, reducing friction, wear-tear and surface scoring.

Why is lubrication required?

It is of utmost necessity to lubricate the bit and the stem, while drilling, otherwise the frictional force between the drill string and wellbore / casing can lead to several problems, causing high torque and drag. This leads to premature damage of drilling tools, owing to extreme drilling conditions. 

Features of Chemtex's Extreme Pressure Lubricant

  • Effectively reduces drill torque and drag
  • Lubricates metal drilling equipment
  • Compatible with fresh as well as hot rolled water mud
  • Minimizes drill bits balling
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Non- Corrosive to equipment
  • Enhanced drilling performance
  • Ensures reduced friction, protects wear and tear on drill bits.
  • Reduced drag
  • Higher boiling point and lower freezing point
  • High viscosity index
  • High thermal stability
  • Hydraulic Stability
  • Corrosion prevention
  • High resistance to oxidation

Technical Specification of Chemtex's Lubricant

Properties Typical Value
Form Clear Liquid
Appearance Colourless to Pale
Extreme Pressure Film Strength

(At 300 in-lb. load and 1000 RPM of treated NDDF)

12000 psi (Max.)
Film Strength of hot rolled treated with NDDF (2% w/v) 25000 psi (Min.)

Brand Name


Extreme Pressure Lubricant

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