Iron Stabilizer Additive In Well Acidizing

The primary application of an iron stabilizing agent in oilfield is to inhibit precipitation of iron (III) hydroxide after well acidification. During the course of acidizing, steel surface comes in contact with acid molecules, that forms iron ions within the rock layer, forming precipitation of Fe(OH)3, causing well contamination. Iron stabilizer, when added in the acid solution, effectively forms complexes of free iron ion into a stable compound, making them easily extractable from the system with enhanced well acidification process.

Iron Control Mechanism

The formulation reacts with metallic cations, forming a stable rigid compound and making it easily excretable from the application system. It is preferred over other chelating agents owing to its ability to form strong covalent bond with metallic ions as other inorganic contaminants may react with those metal ions, forming their own compounds.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Excellent chelation and sequestration of metal ions
  • Prompt action; Optimum chelating efficiency
  • Even exhibits slime dispersing property
  • Does not contain added fragrance
  • Broad spectrum application

Brand Name


Iron Control Additive

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