Chemtex's series of Oil and Gas Corrosion Inhibitor is completely organic. The inhibitors in the series are based on Quaternary Salts, Alkyl Amines, which are film forming in nature, and gets adsorbed on the metal surface and inhibits corrosive reaction between depleting agents and metal ions. This series of oil and gas corrosion inhibitor can be safely used in conjunction either in batch or in continuous process so as to protect even the inaccessible metallic internal parts of oilfield infrastructures.

All oil and gas infrastructure has to deal with corrosion. It is inevitable. The gases like carbon oxides, hydrogen sulphide, dissolved oxygen that comes out during crude extraction reacts with metal structures, undergoes electrochemical reaction, develop a corrosive film over them and degrades their metallic attributes.

Features of Oil and Gas Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Organic compounds with Nitrogen, Oxygen or Sulphur bonds are extremely good corrosion inhibitors and are proven effective in offshore infrastructures.
  • Organic formulations are safe for use in all types of metals and alloys
  • When tested, inhibition efficiency of organic inhibitors was found to be more than 90%, that too at dosage rate between 30 - 100 ppm concentration
  • Follows adsorption technology
  • Prevents both anodic and cathodic reaction

Brand Names

CHEMTEX 5160 Series