Oil Soluble Demulsifier - Overview

Demulsifier, also known as emulsion breaker, are indispensable agent in the oilfield industry, specifically formulated to separate crude oil from water in oil emulsions that comes out during crude extraction. These emulsions are due to mixing of crude and natural formation water or a combination of formation and injection water. Hence it becomes necessary to separate these water molecules before being sent to crude refining process. Oil Soluble Demulsifier plays a pivotal role in such cases, ensuring the maximization of crude oil value while minimizing operational costs.

At the core of demulsifiers efficacy is their ability to seamlessly interact with the emulsified components. The demulsifier, based on phenolic resins ethoxylates, low aliphatic amines, and naphtha, exhibit superior performance even at lower treating temperatures. This not only expedites the emulsion separation process but aligns with the industry's push towards energy efficiency and sustainable practices.

The utilization of demulsifiers extends beyond their role as mere emulsion breakers; they function as versatile compounds in the oilfield refining process. By enhancing the interface, demulsifiers contribute to the efficient cleanup and improvement of water clarity. Their oil-soluble nature ensures that they act not only as separators but also as polishes, brighteners, and finishing compounds, thereby elevating the overall quality of the separated components.


Application Areas of Demulsifier

Crude Oil Emulsion Breaking, Crude Tank Dehydration, Distillation & Fractionation, Base Oil Production, Pipeline Transportation, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Demulsifier - Features and Benefits

  • Efficient Emulsion Separation
  • The inherent oil-soluble quality allows demulsifiers to seamlessly interact with emulsified components, particularly crucial in scenarios involving high-gravity crude, overcoming limitations of traditional methods
  • Formulated with phenolic resins ethoxylates, low aliphatic amines, and naphtha for superior performance
  • Exhibits exceptional efficacy even at lower treating temperatures, ensuring adaptability to diverse operational conditions
  • Contributes to improved water clarity, optimizing the quality of the separated components
  • Facilitates the acceleration of water flow in refining operations
  • Streamlines processes, reduces bottlenecks, and enhances overall operational efficiency in oilfields
  • Plays a pivotal role in crude tank dehydration, a critical step in the oil refining process
  • Ensures the optimization of crude oil value by minimizing water content
  • Enhances the economic viability of oilfield operations, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Brand Names

CHEMTEX 5050 Series