Oxygen Scavenging Bisulphites

Dissolved oxygen in water that comes out during pumping off, at crude production stage, tends to form metal oxides on reaction, forming rust over the surface. These rusting compounds are destructive to metals, especially the ones used in heavy installations.  oxygen corrosion to metal pipes and process equipment and needs continuous dosing of oxygen scavenger is a class of chemicals added to react and remove oxygen in water to protect against oxygen induced corrosion.

Most common types of oxygen scavengers used in oilfield production are bisulphite based, reason being their nature of solubility in water and rapid ability to react with oxygen. The scavenging efficacy is at optimum level in high temperature conditions and is enhanced with presence of metal ion catalyst.

Features and Benefits of Oxygen Scavenger

  • Removes entrapped oxygen, thereby reducing oxidation induced corrosion
  • Rapid action; Converts Bisulphite to readily soluble inert Bisulphate
  • Stable over a wide range of operating pressure and temperature
  • Compatible even with brine solution

Brand Names


Sodium Bisulphite based Oxygen Scavenger

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Ammonium Bisulphite based Oxygen Scavenger

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