Chemtex Crude Wax Inhibitor or Paraffin Inhibitor prevents accumulation of wax in crude oil pipelines and its related downhole applications. It alters the structure of wax crystals and their attributes, does not allow them to form continuous chains as the new structure cannot form any type of bonds and reduces their viscosity, ensuring controlled flow of the fluid.

Effects of Wax Deposition

The problems faced by Crude Oil industries due to wax deposition are:

  • Wax crystals have an inherited tendency to form large meshes which gets deposited in pipeline structures at different places
  • These meshes does not allow proper flow ability of oil, causing irregular pipeline obstructions.
  • These irregular obstructions result in relatively lower output which decreases the working efficiency of the system

Chemtex's Crude Wax Inhibitor / Dispersant effectively works as a superlative wax dispersant which when used, disperses the crystals in oil itself, forms a strong network of polar compound that inhibits the formation of long meshes or network of wax crystals and forbids their growth.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Reduces the rate of wax accumulation significantly
  • Efficaciously clears out the wax particles from the pipelines
  • Does not alter the properties of metal
  • Enhances the flowing ability at lower temperatures
  • Flexible to be used in batch or continuous process

Brand Names

CHEMTEX 4600 Series