Industrial Excellence with Advanced Defoaming and Anti-Foaming Agents

What is foam?

Foam primarily comprises trapped air within a liquid film. The excessive presence of persistent foam in metalworking fluid reservoirs leads to challenges in maintenance and safety. Furthermore, suspended particles contribute to the depletion of essential metalworking fluid components, exacerbating various issues

Foam is considered as a very common problem in manufacturing sectors. They pose problem on surface coating. Use of antifoam chemical eradicates these foams without causing any reduction of the lubricity of the fluid and also will not stain non-ferrous material.

Problem-facing Industries

Cooling water treatment, Effluent Treatment, Paper Industry, Agro Chemicals, Paint Industries, Fertilizers, Textiles, Detergent, Cement Processing, Latex Manufacturing, Polymerization Reactions, Oil and Natural Gas Production, Glass Cleaner, Coolants and Antifreeze.

chemtex anti foaming agent chemicals

PDMS based Silicone Defoaming agent / Antifoaming agent

Polydimethylsiloxane-based antifoaming agents are most widely used due to its efficient defoaming properties, PDMS is highly effective in breaking down, and Silicone emulsion designed to provide optimum anti foaming performance with excellent dilution stability. Milky white in colour, available in a variety of solid contents.

It effectively knocks down surface foam to release entrained air. It is also used in non-foaming system like crude oil and oil refining.

Other ranges of Defoamer/antifoaming agent/defoaming agent

Fatty Alcohol Defoamer

Fatty Alcohol based Defoamer is a versatile oil drilling defoamer capable of effectively removing entrapped air from all types of water based mud under severe field conditions in a wide range of operations. It is used to reduce surface tension in water based drilling fluids as well as solids free work over and completion fluids.  Even effective at high temperatures and pH levels.

Fatty Alcohol based Defoamer tolerates high concentration of salts. It is a wide‐application product that reduces the foaming tendencies of water‐base muds. It is compatible with freshwater muds, brackish water muds, seawater muds, saturated salt muds, brine completion systems and all common mud additives. Easy to mix, works quickly, effective in low concentrations and is more persistent.

Poly Glycol Antifoam

Poly Glycol Antifoam is an excellent emulsion of activated silicone oil with a blend of proprietary surfactants in mineral oil. It even controls re-generation of foam.

This formulation is extensively used in a variety of printing inks, paints, adhesives, pulp & paper processing, paper coating aqueous pesticides and fertilizers. The low molecular weight polyglycols are preferred products for formation of ink solvents and lubricants for printing.

Non-Silicone Defoamer for Paper & Pulp Industry

While conventional defoamers operate via an incompatibility with the water phase, provide good defoaming properties in waterborne coatings but often generate unwanted side effects such as surface defects, poor re-coat ability and a loss of efficiency after relatively short storage periods, non silicone defoamers eliminate foam and micro-foam by attacking foam stabilization on a molecular level, minimizing side effects and reducing the total additive package needed alongside.

Biodegradable Anti-foaming Agent

Biodegradable Anti foaming agent is a surfactant based defoamer additive that can be used in various application such as potato processing, CIP, pharma, bottle washing etc. It is a highly concentrated surfactant based, silicone free additive, specially designed to counteract foam.