Chemical suppressants for dust, flame, foam, water from Chemtex Speciality Ltd

What are chemical suppressants?

Chemicals capable of slowing down or decreasing the intensity of any undesirable action or reaction are called suppressants. In some areas of application, the reaction rate and intensity needs to be slowed down in order to get a desired result or to increase the efficiency of the working system.

What are retardant chemicals?

Retardants inhibit or delay the spread of any particular reaction by suppressing the chemical reaction in any specific event. The use of suppressant chemicals has been dramatically increased with the rising awareness according to the needs. These chemicals when applied to a reaction, stop or slow down the progress of any particular event or reaction and provide an effective solution based on the needs. As a result of their applications, these chemicals can be used to retard any kind of reaction or process in the system without causing any further damage.

Chemtex manufactures chemical suppressants meet the standard requirement, inert nature and also provide effective solution according to the needs.

Full Range of Chemical Suppressants

Road, coal dust suppression chemicals

Dust suppression chemicals for coal dust, road dust, mineral ores and general

Flame Retardant Chemical

Fireloc prevents fire on textiles, canvas, polyester, hay and such flame-phile materials

Chemicals for Anti-foaming

Counters undesired foaming in various applications related to process/ production

Fume Suppressant

Prevents acidic fumes form acid storage tanks, pickling baths, etc.

Evaporation Retardant

For large scale industries, agriculture, water bodies to check evaporation

Moisture lock

Available in water dissolving pouch packing for medical and industrial use

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