Phosphonates are multi-functional metal ion controlling agents. The unique combination of properties found in phosphonates makes them well suited to address many of the problems encountered in the use of water. Thus, they have become a widely used component in water treatment formulations. These chemicals have also found their way into numerous other applications where metal ion control is crucial to a product or process, such as detergents, cleaners, peroxide stabilization, oil field, swimming pools and spas, and many others.

Polymers are generally chain of organic molecules. These are used extensively in water treatment process for coagulation of suspended solids in order to produce large curds of materials that are easy to separate. These chemical range have polymers for flocculation in water treatment, scale prevention in equipment that use water as a primary medium and coagulation.



Phosphonates serves as an organo phosphonate that exhibits mulifunctionl properties such as sequestration, deflocculation, threshold inhibition and providing stability to oxidizing biocides such as chlorine and bromine.

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Polymer is low molecular weight poly-acrylic acid homopolymer. It is highly effective as dispersant and scale inhibitor in industrial water treatment. It inhibits deposition of Ca/Mg salts (carbonates, sulphates)

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