Sugar Processing Chemicals are classified agents which helps in controlling the growth of bacteria and fungi in cane, preventing contamination and enhancing overall production.

Various clarification processes are followed in a sugar processing industry where processing chemicals are required. Some of them include:

The Juice clarification process where pH adjustment, clarification and settling of suspended solids are involved. These steps are carried out with ease with the help of certain processing chemicals.

Syrup clarification process requires special chemicals like color precipitant for syrup, floatation aid and phosphoric acid for carrying out the clarification of syrup.

Antiscalants help in the prevention of deposits within the mill diffuser or juice extractor machine internals as well as to remove any existing scales in the machine parts to help improve the overall efficiency.

Mill Sanitation

TCF Biocide

TCF Biocide is a carbamate based non-oxidizing biocide for chiller systems, highly effective for bacterial fouling, fungal infestation and algal blooms in water/ glycol based chiller systems. The ability of TCF Biocide

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QAC Biocide

QAC Biocide is a very effective bactericide and algaecide for controlling andemoval of micro-organisms and algae in recirculating water cooling towers. The cationic charge on the active compound forms an electrostatic bond with negatively charged sites

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Broad spectrum disinfectant

Broad Spectrum Disinfectant is an uniquely formulated biocide used in versatile applications for surface, water and air disinfection through

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Syrup Clarification

HMW Anionic Polyelectrolyte

HMW Anionic Polyelectrolyte is a high molecular weight polimer suitable for sugarcane juice clarification and filtration of mud slurry. HMW Anionic Polyelectrolyte is especially

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Silicone based Antifoam

Silicone based Antifoam is an antifoam emulsion designed to provide optimum antifoam performance combined with excellent dilution stability

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Evaporator Chemical

Antiscalant Chemical

Super threshold EA is a super-threshold crystal distortion agents for process cooling, heating or metal treatment. It is based on LMW polymer. Super threshold EA has high effectiveness even at small

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HCl Acid Inhibitor

HCl Acid Inhibitor is an acidic blend of non ionic surfactant with keto-amine complex substitutes with alcohol and solvents, especially designed to inhibit the attack of hydrochloric acid

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Sulfamic Acid Inhibitor

Sulfamic Acid Inhibitor is a multi acid corrosion inhibitor based on diethyl thiourea, stabilizers and surfactants. Sulfamic Acid Inhibitor is semi foaming acidic corrosion inhibitor that is suitable for

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Heavy-duty Liquid Boiler Descalant

Heavy-duty Liquid Boiler Descalant is a multi functional heavy-duty chemical compound for removal of scale, rust and greasy deposits from condenser tubes in HVAC systems. It removes heavy stubborn

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Sulfamic Acid based Descalant

Mild acid based de-calcification compound blended with corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents, to provide optimum protection to metals during de-calcifying program

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Silica Scale Removal

Silica Scale Removal is used for efficient siliceous scale removal in boiler tubes. It converts the hard silica scales into water soluble mixes that eases the descaling

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Brine Recovery System

Brine Recovery System is low molecular weight poly-acrylic acid homo-polymer. It is highly effective as dispersant and scale inhibitor in industrial water treatment. It inhibits deposition

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