Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide (PHPA) based high molecular weight drilling polymer for use in controlling of fluid loss, increasing drilling mud viscosity and removal of colloidal from deep drilling foundations such as diaphragm walls, piling concretes, etc.


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Use of Drilling Polymer effectively flocculates drill cutting, high and low quality clay, driving them out of the well, inhibiting their dispersion. Its usage on drilling site is proven economical and moreover, if incorporated with advanced technology, finds extensive utilization even during slim-hole drilling in coal field, geologic engineering, metallurgy and non-ferrous geology.

Advantages of Chemtex's PHPA based Drilling Polymer

  • Strong shear thinning performance, optimum rheological and suspension aggravated ability
  • Relatively good flocculation ability, significant lubrication and drag reduction, good effect of anti-sloughing in quicksand, water sensitive formation.
  • Low TDS content, moderate density, strong hold and does not interfere with aquifer /underground layer of water.
  • Consequential reduction in cost of drilling mud if compared to ordinary dispersed mud.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Effectively increases drilling mud viscosity and acts as a borehole stabilizer
  • Prevents reactive shale and clay from swelling and sloughing
  • Water Shut off polymer; Removes excess water that surfaces up during excavation
  • Flocculates drill cuttings and inhibits their dispersion
  • Minimum production stress
  • Enhances drilling rate
  • Potent substitute to use of bentonite slurry
  • Thixotropic
  • Inhibits biofouling to a considerable extent
  • Completely organic and Biodegradable


Chemtex's Drilling Polymers when tested for its toxicity level, were found environmental friendly when compared to its contemporaries such as Bentonites (Al2H2O6Si). They may not be hazardous to soil but is highly toxic to aquatic life and hence do not find its use in sites beside water bodies. Chemtex's Drilling Polymer has neither marine toxicity nor does it affect farming land if disposed. Moreover, it is used at only one-tenth concentration of bentonite and can be easily broken down with normal bleaching solution.

Product Variants


Drilling Polymer for Piling Excavations with Water Shutoff Capabilities

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