Chemtex 901 Series (Imidazoline): Effective Corrosion Inhibitor, Emulsifying Agent, Flocculant

Chemtex 901 Imidazoline series are thermally stable, organic, nitrogenous bases that form the basic constituent of corrosion inhibitors for use in oil and gas industries. These properties make Imidazolines one of the key intermediates for a variety of industrial applications. Imidazoline corrosion inhibitor, an effective organic corrosion inhibitor used in acidic and aggressive environment, can form an adsorption film on the surface of metal, slowing down the diffusion of ions and inhibiting the occurrence of metal corrosion.

Imidazoline chemistry is the basis for one of the dominating types of film-forming organic corrosion inhibitors for oil and gas installations globally.

Chemtex 901 Series meet extreme corrosion challenges for low and middle range temperature oil and gas extraction sites, downhole operations. Depending on the conditions, operating limitations and specific applications, Imidazoline can be formulated as oil soluble, oil soluble/water dispersible or water soluble/oil dispersible.

Imidazoline Corrosion Inhibitor - Chemtex

Application Areas

  • Oil & Petrochemicals
    • Prime ingredient as a corrosion inhibitor with enhanced capacity to withstand water induced breakdown and acid corrosion
  • Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Acid cleaning and metal pickling applications
  • Metal Surface Treatment
    • Excellent metal cleaning abilities with in combination with phosphoric acid, kerosene, antiscalant and corrosion inhibitors
  • Thickeners & Flocculants
    • Precipitate negative charged silicates, nitrates, borates
  • Paint & Adhesives
    • Improves adhesion and stickiness with water proofing abilities to paint
  • Textiles, Paper, Latex, Cement, Polymerization Reactions
    • Imidazolines act as emulsion stabilizers, lubricity improvers, and viscosifiers, also make metals resistant to corrosion
  • Car Wash Formulation
    • Oil/solvent based rinse aid concentrates preparation
  • Biocide
    • Imidazolines help in formulating Pentachlorophenol which prevents microbial contamination
  • Laundry
    • Adding softness and resiliency to fabrics, inhibiting static buildup
  • Medical & Pharma
    • Broad spectrum antimicrobial, anti allergic, anti inflammatory properties

Key Features & Benefits

  • Makes an excellent base for corrosion inhibitor formulations
  • High active matter content
  • Good lubricity improver
  • Thermally stable
  • Soluble in both non-polar solvents and mineral oils
  • Strongly cationic in acidic medium, adsorbing onto metal surfaces
  • Hydrophobic; Water repelling agent
  • Easy to handle, clear liquid at room temperature
  • Excellent sour corrosion inhibition performance for low salinity brines and moderate temperature
  • Good wetting agents
  • Mild on eyes and skin

Applications Summarized

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Chemtex 901 Series

Hydroxy Ethyl Imidazoline

Chemtex 9010

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Amino Ethyl Imidazoline

Chemtex 9011

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Amido Ethyl Imidazoline

Chemtex 9012

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Water Soluble Imidazoline

Chemtex 9015

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