Silicone Oil - PDMS (Poly Dimethyl Siloxane)

PDMS based synthetic fluid , this silicone oil fluid exhibits exceptional thermal stability, low surface tension, and high resistance to extreme temperatures. These qualities make it a popular choice in various industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and engineering.

There are various applications that often require silicone oils with certain characteristics and properties that are tailored to meet the demands of industrial processes. Here are some key applications

  • Thermal Stability:  This property is crucial in applications such as heat transfer fluids and lubricants for machinery operating in elevated temperatures.
  • Lubrication: It serves as an effective lubricant in industrial machinery, reducing friction and wear between moving parts. The high thermal stability makes it suitable for applications where conventional lubricants may break down under extreme heat.
  • Dielectric Properties: Due to its excellent electrical insulating properties, it is used in electrical applications to insulate and cool electronic components. It is often employed in transformers and electrical switches.
  • Sealants and Gaskets: Silicone oils are used in the formulation of industrial sealants and gaskets. These materials help create tight seals in various industrial processes, preventing leaks and ensuring the integrity of the system.
  • Antifoaming Agent: In industrial processes where foaming can be problematic, such as in the production of certain chemicals, this synthetic fluid is utilized as an antifoaming agent to control and eliminate foam formation.
  • Mold Release Agent: It helps in the easy release of molded products from molds, enhancing production efficiency.
  • In the textile industry: As a fabric softener and finisher, imparting a smooth and soft feel to textiles.

Features and Benefits of Silicone Oil

  • Non greasy film forming
  • Can form protective breathable films on skin
  • Low order of toxicity and skin sensitization
  • Excellent water repellency
  • Good stability over a broad range of temperatures
  • Low surface tension
  • Compatible with other system additives

Silicone Oil (CAS No. 9016-00-6)

100 cSt Grade
350 cSt Grade
500 cSt Grade
1000 cSt Grade
5000 cSt Grade
12500 cSt Grade
30000 cSt Grade

Method of Application of Silicone Oil

Can be applied directly to surfaces, such as dipping, spraying or wiping to provide a lubricious and/ or hydrophobic coating. When a very thin film of fluid is desired, the fluid can be diluted to the desired silicone fluid concentration.


Apply to articles by dipping/ spraying. As polarity of the solvent increases, the solubility of the fluid decreases. For all practical purposes, insoluble in glycerine, ethylene glycol, stearyl alcohol, methanol, ethanol, water.