Super Absorbent Polymer | Water Retaining Agent | Artificial Snow Powder

Sodium polyacrylate, a super absorbent polymer, is utilized in the production of artificial snow powder due to its remarkable water-absorbing characteristics. It is manufactured by Chemtex Speciality Limited, manifests water absorbing capacity up to 800 times of its own weight. The absorbing ability of Sodium Polyacrylate is because of the presence of anionic charged chains that helps in combining water molecules, that ‘Water Locks’ or SAP gel. This gel retains the moisture for a considerable period of time.

Sodium Polyacrylate | Particle Size Distribution

Particle Size Concentration (%)
> 850 μm / 20 mesh 1.0 (Max.)
> 600 μm / 30 mesh 30.0 (Max.)
> 300 μm / 50 mesh 30.0 – 70.0
> 150 μm / 100 mesh 5.0 – 30.0
< 150 μm / 100 mesh 5.0 (Max.)

Key Features and Benefits of Artificial Snow

  • Reduces waste disposal costs
  • Will not release trapped ionic contaminants
  • Strong exchange capacity allowing heavy metal binding
  • Instant snow powder
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Excellent absorption of aqueous wastes

Application Areas of Sodium Polyacrylate

This super absorbent polymer finds extensive application as a thickening agent during detergent and soap manufacturing processes, firstly by enhancing the viscosity of water-based systems, and secondly by increasing its stability. Moreover, it is used as a sequestering/chelating agent, that binds metal ions in hard water with dirt and other contaminants in the laundry, ensuring that the detergent works effectively in cleaning and neutralizing foul odor.

Owing to its extremely high absorption capability and rate, Sodium Polyacrylate finds wide range of applications in manufacturing and processing of Fire-Retardant Gel, Candles, Protective Garments, Sanitary Napkins, Diapers, Insecticides, Pesticides, Herbicides, Composites, Laminates, Hot and Cold Therapy Packs and other related applications.

Another important application of this water absorbing polymer is to protect electrical and optical cables from moisture. Applied to the conductor, it inhibits water from penetrating into communication and power cables, ensuring optimum flow of signal during adverse rain or flood conditions. These are sometimes used in the creation of artificial snow, particularly in the entertainment industry, for special effects, and in certain recreational settings.

Make Instant Snow with Chemtex Artificial Snow Powder

Perfect for Frozen Themed Parties, Holiday Decors, Christmas Tree Decoration, Village Displays, Holiday and Winter Craft Projects, Science Projects, Fun and Crafts

Sodium Polyacrylate | CAS No. 9003-04-7

Properties Typical Value
Form Granular
Appearance White
Odour Odourless
Assay 95% wt. (Min.)
Moisture Content 7% wt. (Max.)
Solubility Insoluble in water; Swells Up