Sulfamic Acid manufactured by Chemtex Speciality Limited, is available in Industrial Grade, GP Grade and also a one with inhibitor, finds wide acceptance across as an acid cleaning agent, typically for descaling of metals and ceramics, for cleaning boilers, heat exchangers, condenser jackets and coils, descaling toilets, removing excess grout on tiles, efflorescence and other mineral deposits.

To be used either in neat or in dilution, for removal of rust and limescales, replacing the use of more volatile and irritating hydrochloric acid. Often a component of household descaling agents or detergents for the removal of limescale, Sulfamic Acid has desirable water descaling properties, low volatility, and low toxicity. It forms water-soluble salts of calcium and ferric iron.

Sulfamic acid is preferable to hydrochloric acid in household use, due to its intrinsic safety. If erroneously mixed with hypochlorite based products such as bleach, it does not form chlorine gas, whereas the most common acids would; the reaction (neutralization) with ammonia, produces a salt.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Effective removal of hard scale deposits
  • Economical & cost effective dosage
  • Safe for system metal and components
  • Excellent wetting characteristics to aid in removal of organic and greasy foulants

Sulfamic Acid | CAS No. 5329-14-6

Properties Typical Value
Form and Appearance White Granules
Assay 99.5% wt. (Min.)
Sulphate Content 0.1% wt. (Max.)
Iron Content 0.01% wt. (Max.)
Moisture Content 0.01% wt. (Max.)
Insoluble Matter Content 0.05% wt. (Max.)
Solubility Soluble in cold water
Properties Typical Value
Form and Appearance White Granules
Assay 98.0% wt. (Min.)
Sulphate Content 1.0% wt. (Max.)
Iron Content 0.1% wt. (Max.)
Moisture Content 1.0% wt. (Max.)
Insoluble Matter Content 0.3% wt. (Max.)
Solubility Soluble in cold water

Sulfamic Acid GP Grade | CAS No. 5329-14-6