Felt Cleaner

Felt, which is made of wool, is durable fabric when it’s dry. However, felt becomes very vulnerable when wet, needing special care during cleaning to avoid being damaged. Felt Cleaner is a quick action spray on felt cleaner. Unlike brushing which only removes dust around, clogging the fibers and making the surface wear out faster, with its unique spray on formula is hard acting on depositions on the dryers and dryer fabrics. Application of this formulation saves both time and money without much surface damage.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Spray and rinse formulation
  • Safe, quick and cost effective solution
  • Eliminates risk for seam failure
  • Cost effective
  • Lesser environmental impact
  • Minimizes manual labour
  • Ensures longevity and safety of the fabric

Product Variants

Alstaclean FC Series

Alkaline Felt Cleaner

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