Radiator Flush Chemical

Chemtex Radiator Flush chemical is a superior blend of inorganic chemicals for flushing out old contaminated coolant, with debris, corroded metals, scales, dirt deposits, scale, rust, oil and greasy deposits and other contaminants from the engine, radiator and cooling system internals while the system is in operation. The deposits otherwise severely affect the heat transfer ability of the system and may lead to engine seizure due to overheating.

It reduces hotspots in the engine and cylinder heads, reducing the possibility of engine failures.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Effectively removes heavy deposits by drawing metal oxides into the solution
  • Reduces hotspots in the engine and cylinder heads, preventing overheating
  • Light flushing or heavy-duty cleaningCleans cooling systems to help prevent overheating
  • Non-toxic, easy-to-use and safe for all cooling system metals
  • Strong enough to help restore maximum cooling system efficiency
  • Cleans green slime
  • Removes Greasy and Oily deposits
  • Online cleaning, not requiring additional circulation
  • Non-foaming nature

Brand Names

Alstaclean RC50

Online Radiator/ Engine Jacket Internal Cleaner

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