Chemtex Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger

Oilfields involve large metallic installations of drilling rig equipment, on-shore, off-shore rigs, work-over rigs where metallic parts is directly exposed to these drilling conditions, viz., H2S, causing significant damage if unchecked. This gas engages in the electrochemical reaction with metal ions, weakening their key attributes such as strength, stiffness, impact pressure, etc. Hydrogen sulphide acidifies the drilling fluid, catalyzing pitting nature corrosion on pipelines, drilling machineries, etc. The corrosion rate is further accelerated with CO2, also naturally occurring alongside H2S. Together, they have the ability to lower the operational life of upstream and midstream processing units in oil and gas facilities.

H2S Scavenger - Chemtex Speciality Limited

The problem with H2S gas cannot be avoided, measures have to be taken to combat and/ or control its effects, with the use of H2S scavenging chemicals. These chemicals on application remove the sulphide gas from the drilling site that comes out with crude, preventing any kind of oxidizing reaction on/ with the metal surface.

Working Mechanism

Chemtex's H2S Scavengers form an inert compound on reaction with hydrogen sulphide gas, eliminating even the last traces of hydrogen sulphide from the drilling wells, field condensates and natural gas to improve safety and protection of both equipment and personnel, even meeting the oil and gas specifications. H2S scavengers have been proven to contribute to hassle free performance, with minimal to no impact on further processing at refineries or in wastewater treatment facilities. The cost-effectiveness of the product has gained immense support from the crude unit engineers during gas lift injection and chemical injection and other off-shore production applications.

One mole of Triazine reacts with two moles of H2S to form non-corrosive, non-reactive di-thiazine which is soluble in water and can be easily drained out.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Promptly removes H2S gas
  • No effect on crude quality
  • Eliminate irritating odor
  • Improves operational feasibility
  • Reduces corrosion in drilling equipment and pipelines
  • Reduces maintenance and replacement costs, supporting asset integrity
  • Enhances production performance

Brand Names

CHEMTEX 5260 Series