The present world is dealing with some of the major issues, Air pollution being one of them. Life without air is impossible. If correctly written, Life without fresh air is impossible. But according to some global reports, the quality of fresh air is degrading day by day specially in cities. What is astonishing is the rate at which it is increasing, it has become quite difficult to get fresh air especially in metropolitan cities. These areas are prone to contaminated air because of rising population, traffic etc. This contamination of air is effecting the people residing in city buildings and apartments or rather interfering with the IAQ i.e. Indoor Air Quality. Dust, Smoke, foul odor of wastages, toxic gases, microbes mix with air polluting the same which enters into the human system directly or indirectly causing various types of diseases and sickness, some at the cost of human life. Yes, you read that right, Human Life!

Indoor Air Quality refers to the constituents of surrounding air of an apartment, building, residential environment or any bounded atmosphere.

There are relatively many awareness program about the hazardous consequences of outdoor air pollution compared to indoor but It has been observed that most number of people residing in cities pass their three-fourth time indoors. Indoors in the sense – offices, schools, malls, etc. which means the people in these places are confined to the quality of air present there. Now don’t you think that awareness program should be more about indoors than outdoors?

If the quality of indoor air is poor, it will obviously affect the health of those who are inhaling it resulting in sickness, dizziness and performance crack down. Pollutant free IAQ offers freshness, positivity, and comfortable atmosphere for the people.

Now let us look at the kind of problems that indoor air contaminants can cause:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • ENT irritation
  • Suffocation

These are prompt effects and may be possible to medicate but in some cases the effect can be long term. The effect may not be diagnosed early but continuous exposure may be fatal to respiratory organs. Therefore, it is very important to enhance the quality of indoor air even if there is no pre-sign of any dangerous disease. It is not necessary that every pollutant is fatal, it depends upon the exposure, duration and the amount in which they are inhaled.

Q: Now what are the ways to enhance the indoor air quality?

A: Any problem can be solved by two step process. Identification and elimination. Same in case for indoor air quality, identify the pollutants and eliminate them but how?

  • Keep the surroundings and indoor clean by regular dusting, vacuuming, etc.
  • Changing of air filter of coolers and heaters, regular dusting of ceiling fans.
  • Use of air fumigants

The first two is tried and tested methods but still the result has not been proved up to the mark. It has been observed that air fumigation is the best way to treat indoor air and is very effective against most of the harmful micro-organisms.

The whole fumigation process is carried out by releasing or spraying the fumigants in the enclosed space. The enclosed space is kept undisturbed for a short period of time. In that time, the fumigant infiltrates in the closed space, traps all the contaminants and eliminate them. Then the space is opened and all the toxic pollutants are ventilated making the area pollution free to a maximum extent. Many residential complexes and room facilities are today opting for air fumigation as this process disables the activity of microbial agents, has good disinfecting efficacy and is cost effective.

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide has been found to be used in various applications like food processing, dairy, agriculture, hospitals, poultry, air conditioning and pipelines for cleaning and disinfecting properties. It can also be used as fumigant and eradicate contaminants from air within enclosed entities. Hydrogen peroxide has the ability to react rapidly to decompose into hydrogen and water without forming any by-products. This reaction increases the amount of oxygen which helps in disintegrating the pollutants and eradicating micro-organisms leaving no toxic residue behind.

Chemtex Speciality Limited is a proud manufacturer of Alstasan Silvox based on hydrogen peroxide stabilized with silver, meets all the requirement as an air disinfectant as per industry standards.